Doe Deere Has Achieved Incredible Success With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the incredibly online makeup retailer Lime Crime. Doe was originally from Russia where she discovered her love for color and her knack for being an entrepreneur. She moved to the United States when she was a teenager and began to immerse herself in the local punk music scene. She was able to express her sense of fashion and style working in the music industry. She always had trouble finding makeup that was bright and bold to help her express her own unique sense of style. She realized that she could make her own and even began to sell it after her Youtube makeup tutorial made her an internet star. She opened an Ebay store and needed a name. She chose the name of her favorite color and a rhyming word. Lime Crime was born and hasn’t slowed down since.

Doe Deere has a colorful appearance to match her colorful products. Lime Crime is known for creating lip and eye colors in every shade of the rainbow. Lime Crime has developed a huge fan following and has become a household name. Most recently, the company released a line of hair dye called Unicorn Hair. Fans of the brand have been waiting for hair dye for many years and were thrilled to hear that the company finally granted their wish.

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Doe Deere is still involved with every aspect of product development and advertisement. She can be found in the lab helping to create products, and even testing them on herself. When she is not in the lab, she is working with the executive staff to create fun and effective marketing strategies that will reach her target audience. Doe also mentors young female entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams. She believes in helping others to find the success and gratification she has been able to create for herself over the years. Her advice to young aspiring business women is to follow your passion and achieve your dreams through dedication and hard work. She said that she never feels like she is really working because she loves what she does and looks forward to creating new makeup for the masses every day.

Roberto Santiago Success in Business

Manaira Shopping is considered to be the largest shopping malls in Joao Pessoa. The mall is owned by one of the most successful businessmen in the country, Roberto Santiago. The Brazilian businessman is also the leader of the shopping mall, and he has done a lot to form a strong bond with the customers. The Manaira Shopping Mall is focused on providing consumers with comfortable and fun leisure activities.

Fun and entertainment are the primary trademarks in Manaira Shopping. The facility is believed to have been designed by Roberto Santiago. The facilities provided by the company are proven to satisfy families who are looking for comfort, tranquility, and fun when they are visiting the city. The facility reserves a space at the shopping mall for ballroom, movie theaters, bowling alleys, and electronic amusement parks.

The cinema found in the shopping store is one of the primary highlights of the space. There is a total of eleven well-decorated rooms, and they are equipped with the latest equipment using the modern technology to give clients the best experience. There are VIP rooms, 3D rooms and stadium system concepts to ensure that everyone leaves the cinema satisfied. Individuals visiting the facility will also have an opportunity to visit the bar which has a gourmet popcorn, candy and drinks to suit all people.

Roberto Santiago is a respected Brazilian businessman who has done very well in his career. The owner of the Manaira Shopping Mall is currently based in Joao Pessoa, and he has several investments in the country. His shopping mall is considered to be one of the best in Brazil, and it attracts clients from different parts if the world.

Roberto Santiago ventured into this successful career by working at an institution known as Café Santa Rosa. After several years, he decided to invest in the carnage company. This organization would focus on a unique technique that would manufacture vast utilitarian equipment and decorative items. The businessman has done very well in the competitive business world, and he has become one of the most respected individuals. The shrewd businessman loves sports. He has managed to win several sports championships in the past.

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Santiago Roberto was born in Joao Pessoa, Santiago fifty-eight years ago. His parents educated him at some of the best schools in the country. Roberto went at the prestigious Pio X-Marist College. Later on, the businessman went for his Business Administration studies at an institution known as University Center of Joao Pessoa. His educational background has played a primary role in his success in business. The entrepreneur has also gained a lot of expertise and knowledge in the industry, and this ensures that he does not make costly mistakes that can bring him huge losses.

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George Soros Is Fighting For Social Justice

His Plans for the Left

George Soros is the most prominent liberal currently around. He does just about everything you could possibly imagine to help liberals promote their causes. Thank to his work at the Open Society Foundation America is even closer to realizing its goal of a multiracial society where everyone has a chance to succeed. There have been some setbacks to his goals and he isn’t in a position right now to do much about it, but Soros continues to fight for social justice and equality in America.

Using His Wealth to Help Others

George Soros has made a habit of helping out other with his wealth. It isn’t a surprise that a man who makes billions of dollars is able to help out others and he makes his aims no secret. He has used his $25 billion fortune to do everything he can to help support a number of left wing movements such as Black Lives Matter and His work has helped give the Left the strength it needs to continue on into the 21st century. Thanks to his work we have seen the likes of Bill Clinton and other important progressives advance.

The Donald Trump Effect

Donald Trump has certainly had an impact on the way that many people feel about the politics in America. George Soros is certainly among those that take the claims of Trump to heart and wants to do everything he can to make sure that he isn’t able to enact his agenda. In order to do this he is enlisting the help of Democrats who have worked in politics to preserve the legacy of Barack Obama and help Democrats keep their hold on politics.

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Going On From Here

The reality is that the Left has an uphill battle to fight. The Republicans hold the majority of power in America and there just isn’t anything that can be done. In order to help fight Soros wants to just about everything he can to protect the progressive legacy. He certainly seems to have the means to do it and will stop at nothing. Visit to know more about George Soros.

About George Soros

George Soros is a progressive with a strong stance of support for left wing policies. Nobody else has made such a strong effort to do everything they can to give people around the world an opportunity to determine how they want their lives to turn out. Thanks to his efforts we can see people from South Africa to Hungary living the sort of lives they want to live. He is truly an inspiration and his impact on the world of politics will be remembered for years to come.

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No Expertise Is Required To Work With The Traveling Vineyard

The level of expertise required to become a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard is minimal as this impressive direct sales company offers all the training that is needed to turn this work from home business into a startling success for each and every individual. Beginning a career as a Wine Guide offering at home parties to groups looking to taste the impressive range of wines offered by the company through a network of Guides who simply bring samples to parties and offer advice and a high level of knowledge about the different varieties and wine options available through this popular company.

Many people who come to The Traveling Vineyard do so in a bid to make a little extra money and quickly discover they have the chance to change their lifestyle for the better with the aid of the skills learned with The Traveling Vineyard. The company itself aims to make the transition to becoming a Wine Guide as simple as possible by offering a range of opportunities to get started in wine tasting with very few overheads; the initial starter kit is the only expense for a new Guide who can is provided with all the necessary materials needed for the first two parties to be hosted.

Despite its name, The Traveling Vineyard is not the traditional wine merchant, instead the company explores the different options available from across the world. The wine experts at The Traveling Vineyard source only the highest quality wines and bring all the necessary information to be used by Wine Guides in their work at parties linking guests to the wines that best suit their needs; as new wines are always being sourced by The Traveling Vineyard’s group of experts there is always a new wine to taste and learn about to continue expanding the skills of a Wine Guide on a regular basis.

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The Frustrating Issue Of Looking for Lawyers Online

One of the things that one should hope is that they never have to look for a lawyer. However, there is a lot of unforeseen circumstances that could lead people to have a need for a lawyer. Among the issues that people find themselves with that have them needing a lawyer are certain violations that they did not expect to commit. Depending on the violation, they may have to find a good defense lawyer online so that they will be able to possibly beat the case. There are other reasons that one might need a lawyer to represent them in court.


For those that need lawyers, it is important to look for lawyers online. Fortunately, there are many different types of lawyers. Therefore, the best thing a person can do is look for a lawyer that specializes in the specific case that the client is faced with. For instance, a person facing a DUI charge will need a DUI lawyer. For businesses that are involved with compensation issues, then they may have to set up an appointment with a lawyer like Jeremy Goldenstein, who is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldenstein & Associates, LLC. He is very helpful when it comes to compensation matters of business.


Jeremy Goldenstein is one of the lawyers that can be trusted. For one thing, he works on his cases with a lot of passion. He looks for anything that can be important to the case of his clients so that he can bring forth the best outcome for them. Clients that have chosen Jerry Goldenstein have experienced some great work on their behalf.


When it comes to looking for lawyers online, one has to make sure that he has someone that is trustworthy. The reviews will help them determine whether the lawyer that he is interested in is going to provide a good representation.


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A wise choice with Blair’s Wealth Solutions

There are undoubtedly several investment firms to choose from in Austin, Texas when it comes time to thinking about your financial future. With 24 years of experience,Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions would implore you to take an in depth look at his company.

Mr. Blair has a real passion for all things finance. He attributes his desire to share this knowledge to his mother and grandmother, who were both teachers.

When meeting a client for the first time, Wealth Solutions has a 3 step process that helps them get a complete picture of that individual’s current financial situation as well as their long term goals.

The initial step in this personalized plan will be to assess the client’s openness and overall comfort level in regards to risk. Next,a system is designed so that the client has access to the appropriate amount of funds, while the rest of their assets are actively working for them in the market.The goal is to have a diverse portfolio tailored to that specific client.Wealth Solutions is up on all the latest market options, and will incorporate both classic and nontraditional investments into that person’s or companies specific program. The final point is to discover if the client has proper life insurance and annuities.

Wealth Solutions is a small, private company who have chosen to keep their focus on serving families,individuals and small businesses. This has allowed Richard Blair and his employees to have close relationships with those who have elected to trust them with their hard earned money. The firm has certifications in annuities, and funds, as one might expect;they are also qualified to discuss taxes and retirement plans. Richard Blair has taken a particular interest in retirement planning, and finds great satisfaction in helping people reach their retirement goals faster than they would have previously imagined.

Richard Blair offers impartial opinions to those that come to him for advice. He has found that the majority or people he serves are looking to protect their current nest egg,while generating a profit. This is not an easy feat,but it is something Wealth Solutions has been able to do for their clients time and time again.



Securus Technologies Leads The Way

There are a number of companies that are providing civil and criminal justice with technology solutions. But it is Securus Technologies that is considered the leader. Whenever I have asked any jail or prison official about their technology partner, who has helped them to nab criminals and solve cases, the name of Securus Technologies come first. There are many reasons behind this unprecedented success of the company.


Firstly, I have seen that safety has become a part of the DNA at Securus Technologies. They are always thinking about coming out with new products and services that can help their clients. Besides, they are adding new features to the existing ones. This is not all.


Securus Technologies is always available to help their clients. I have seen jail officials calling them up while they are in the middle of their investigations. They are asked about their covert feature which helps in nabbing the culprit.


Securus Technologies is providing the monitoring facility also. There are emails and letters detailing how conversations between inmates are recorded and listened to. This helps to know if any arms are entering the facility or if any inmate is possessing one already. It also tells about contraband entering the jail premises. In fact, this kind of monitoring has given a lot of information regarding inmates consuming alcohol or even drugs. It also helps to know if any civilian has been selling prescription drugs at any discount.


There have been incidences of threat that have been unearthed through this call monitoring. I came to know about a shooting case being solved this way as two inmates were discussing the same.


Securus Technologies has a secure data center at the back end which allows for this kind of monitoring. It is possible only through high-end equipment that would keep voice quality perfect and easy to understand.

How to Find a Real Estate Deal

In a competitive market, it can be difficult to find a real estate deal that you think is going to help you financially in the future. A lot of people are just looking on a typical online service to find homes to buy. With all of the competition in the area, now is the time to start investing for the future. Instead of stretching on a property that you are not sure about, you should start to find properties that you think are going to add value over the long term. Arthur Becker has a track record of success in the real estate business, and he is excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place in this area of his life. Over time, you need to find something that is going to help you build wealth.

Real Estate Deals

In a tough real estate market, deals are hard to come by. With all of the buyers out looking for a great deal, you need to figure out how to help other people in any way that you can. According to, Arthur Becker has proven that he is excited about the future and will continue to invest in a variety of areas. Now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to improve your finances through a real estate deal. Instead of rushing into something, you need to find a way to invest in a property that is going to add value to your life over the long term.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Arthur Becker has proven that he is ready and willing to help other people in his life and his career. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are being made in this area. Not only that, but he can teach and help you with a real estate question that you may have. Learning to invest in real estate is not something that is easy, so you need to have a plan for how to do so in the coming years. Arthur Becker will help you reach your goals, info can be found on LinkedIn.

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Squaw Valley Statement

In Placer County in October of this past year, a heavy rainstorm, which was clearly out of the ordinary for that time of year. Coupled with the upgraded water system that was installed resulted in the contamination of that system. Luckily the contamination was limited to only this water system so no public impact happened. It was discovered after some routine water testing after the storm that the presence of E. coli and coliform was confirmed, which immediately set off the emergency protocol of informing Placer County Environmental Health as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Leading water safety experts were brought in to eliminate the danger of the bacteria found. They have taken this matter very seriously and will not cease until the issue is fully resolved.


Squaw Valley has issued an extended statement to the news outlets in response to the initial reporting. They have stated that they are still working diligently to correct the problem and have made great strides in doing so. While there is no E. coli present there were low levels of coliform present as stated by Wesley Nicks who is the director of the Placer County Environmental Health. They will continue to treat and work on the water safety issue until there is no coliform present as well.


Skiers are allowed to ski as normal from top to bottom at the high profile resort, though they have been prohibited to drink any of the water until the issue has been resolved. The famed resort is providing all of the guests with bottled water as well for safe drinking during their stay. The High Camp and Gold Coast continue to have full access to the facilities and are mindful of their customers safety during their stay. Local restaurants in the upper mountain will remain closed until the water has been cleared of any type of bacteria. Once this is resolved they plan to open back to full operating capacity.


There have not been any type of health issue to reported with this event, as safety has been of the utmost importance. The issue was handled swiftly and continues to be handled well.

Wen by Chaz: A Miracle for Fine Hair Everywhere!

As someone that has always have a love/hate relationship with my ultra-fine hair, mostly leaning toward the hate side, I am always searching on Wikipedia, top blogs and sites for how other ladies with fine hair are coping. I was excited to see a recent Bustle article what followed one woman‘s seven-day journey of experiencing Wen by Chaz. I had seen the commercials for his products many times, but the women with gorgeous long hair that flows like a waterfall never seemed attainable to me, always just out of reach, so I stuck with my drugstore products.

The Bustle article detailed one woman’s journey with Chaz by Wen. Although it admittedly took her a few days to “reset” her hair cycle of utilizing just one product, the end results was silky smooth hair that garnered multiple compliments on its shine and smoothness. I will definitely be doing a 7-day trial of my own of Wen hair!

For those of you that may not be familiar with the Sephora endorsed brand, it is a single product that takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner and even replaces a deep conditioner. Creator and founder of the product line, Chaz Dean, is all about a healthy lifestyle. He transfers that passion into his haircare products, ensuring they are always sulfate free and contain a variety of herbal essences and oils designed to gently nourish hair.

Wen by Chaz is a bit of a revolution, as many people have grown up with the idea that the heavy lather was needed to cleanse their hair. As studies show, it is that lather that actually causes the most damage to hair. Wen by Chaz cleanses the hair gently while nourishing it from root to tip. Hair is left luxurious, easy to comb and ready to style.

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