Shea Butter for…Hair?


Shea butter has long been used as a staple in the lotion, cream and moisturizer industry. Very few people, though, know that it can actually make a great hair moisturizer. For the same reasons that it is great for the skin: moisturizing properties without a lot of greasiness, it is great for the hair. It is easy to use, inexpensive and does not contain a great deal of chemicals like many of today’s hair products do. Many women are now turning to shea butter for their hair needs because of all of the benefits that it comes from.


One company who knows how to do shea butter the right way is Eugenia shea. This is a company that is dedicated only to shea butter and getting it to as many people as they possibly can. They focus their efforts not only on selling the shea butter but also on teaching people how they can use it in their skincare and body care routine. Eugenia shea has made sure that they only provide their clients with the best skincare possible and that they are able to help their clients get the most out of their shea butter routine. They want to make sure that the people they help with shea butter know how to properly use it and all of the benefits that come with it.


Another way that shea butter users can rejoice: longer lasting perfume! Since shea butter is naturally scentless, it can be used in combination with any type of perfume and will help it to last longer on the body. This means that users’ perfume will last for a much longer time overall and they may end up needing to use less of it, saving them money. To use shea butter as a perfume enhancer, simply dab some shea butter onto the pressure point where the perfume is being applied and apply the perfume.

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