FreedomPop Services Available to Customers

Freedom Pop is a cell service known for their low price plans and almost free internet service. Since Freedom Pop came on the scene about five years ago, they have been disrupting the cell phone industry. This service may not fit every user, but they do have several plans to fit every budget.


Their first and most popular service is the free cell phone service. This plans offers 500 MB of 4G data for free with 200 minutes and unlimited texts. Although, be cautious because texts will spend data on the plan. 500 MB is pretty low too for smart phone users who like to stream their music or use Facebook. Users who go over their data allowance can add 100 MB of data at a time, if needed. You can also earn data through a referral program or taking surveys.


No contracts and no cancellation fees, this plan is ideal for the cell phone user that is looking for a phone to have just in case. The network they use is the highly reliable Sprint network. After one year of being free, the user only pays 10.99, which is astronomically low. This service is a great idea for those who just wish to have a cell phone in case of emergency or for a user who does not rely on their cell phone.


Freedom Pop does offer several paid options for service. One option is the $5 per month WIFI calling option. For those who live in major metro areas, this option is an attractive one. They can use the hot spots all over town to make calls. This plan is not for those who travel through less populated areas, because you can lose services. The other option is the $20 per month Unlimited Talk and Text Option with 1 GB of data.


Other than the cell plans, Freedom Pop offers internet service plans. Users who do not mind paying a small deposit on the mobile hotspot device can receive 500 MB of free data per month. Unless the opt-out option is chosen, users will be automatically enrolled in the top-up plan when the data runs out. The devices can be expensive, ranging from 39.99 to 129.99. Users have the option of 500 MB or 2 GB. The FreedomPop review gives an overview of the services available to customers.