The Remarkable Accomplishments of Businessman Jim Tananbaum at Foresite Capital Management

Jim Tananbaum is an established entrepreneur and the creator of a leading investment firm dubbed Foresite Capital Management. In 2011, he founded Foresite Capital Management with the aim of identifying and molding healthcare leaders. Jim’s company is also involved in networking while supplying capital and information. Foresite Capital Management invests in businesses within specific sectors, such as genomics, biotechnology, medical services, healthcare services, and diagnostics. Check out LinkedIn Foresite Capital.

A recap of Jim’s interview with Ideamensch

Ideamensch recently interviewed Jim, and he revealed that he spends most of his days discussing the business’ portfolio, networking with other healthcare leaders, and developing the company’s presentations. Jim is a family man, and he ensures that he spends most of his time with his family. He believes that ideas are brought to life when capital to finance them is present. However, hard work and persistence also bring ideas to life. Jim is also fascinated by the science behind health care innovation. He enjoys reading Causal Inferences in Statistics by Pearl, Glymour, and Jewell.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim is a graduate of top academic centers of excellence like Yale University, Harvard, and the MIT. He is a scholar with an MBA and a medical degree. Jim is an expert in startups development, venture capital, and biotechnology. Before launching Foresite Capital Management, he worked for Prospect Venture Partners as the company’s managing director. During his tenure at this firm, he helped the business raise about $1 billion in venture capital. Jim also worked for Theravance LLC for three years as its senior executive head. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

In the early 90’s, he used to work for Gel Tex, a company he helped establish and served as its board member. Under Jim’s management, the company was able to develop a broad range of non-systemic drugs and to increase its revenue by $200 million. Gel Tex pioneered in the development of Renagel, which has since generated more than $1 billion in income. He is also the executive who recruited his partner George Whiteside to help him run the activities in this company. Other individuals who have benefited from his mentorship include Roy Vagelos, Bob Gunderson, and Rick Levin. Jim is a volunteer at the esteemed Yale University Advisory Board. He also serves as one of the chief advisors at the Harvard-MIT HST Program. Check out his LinkedIn  and Facebook page to learn more.