Innovacare. What Are the Driving Force Behind Its Success?

Behind every successful organization is a dedicated team of professionals driving its growth and stability. InnovaCare Health is no different. As a reputable leader in the health industry, InnovaCare is a company run on a number of core values under the leadership of Rick Shinto. Ideally, success does not come easily, nonetheless it should not be won by a tug of war, at least this is what Rick believes in.

As leader and an authority figure in the health industry, Rick Shinto uses both his medical experience from the many years he has been in active service and his innate leadership skills to run the company. Since his appointment as the President of the company, Shinto has been associated with positive energy in the company. His strong believe in teamwork has helped peg the company success together as the InnovaCare staff have been able to pull their resources together for the greater good of the company.

Another quality Mr. Rick has been able to cultivate within the company is professionalism. As a health care provider, Rick has been able to hire the best and most qualified professionals in order to help redefine the health care management in today’s world. Good communication and healthy working relationships have also been key ingredients in the InnovaCare Health success build up and not forgetting transparency.

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About Rick Shinto

For many, Rick Shinto is a source of great inspiration both as a leader and as a medical health care provider. Despite the huge success, Shinto like every other person started his journey at the bottom. His journey dates back as a pulmonologist in Southern California where his medical career started and continues until his present President position at InnovaCare Health.

Education wise Shinto acquired his B.S. at the University of California, a degree in medicine from the University of New York and finally an M.B.A at the University of Redlands.

When celebrating Rick Shinto and the leadership he has achieved at InnovaCare it would not be fair if we left out the many awards. Prior to joining the InnovaCare family, Dr. Shinto was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. The award always acknowledges an individual’s efforts and commitment to success through financial performance drive to help the community and innovative ideas.

Even as InnovaCare Health continues on its path to excellence, we are assured thanks to leadership of Dr. Shinto that the company will move along this path many years to come. Read more about Innovacare at