Nathaniel Ru Builds Modern Restaurant Chain

Sweetgreen is the brainchild of Nathaniel Ru. He is a leader that has been quite successful in bringing fast food to new generation in a different way. He could have put the same old restaurant dynamics in place and given people what they were used to. This was not his way though. He didn’t want to just slap a new name on an old restaurant model. He was much more interested in doing something that was outside the box. No one could foresee the unbelievable surge of energy from customers that would frequent these Sweetgreen restaurants. Customers would become super excited about the brand, and they would tell friends about this modern restaurant chain.


He states that he is basically telling a story through the design of the restaurants. That is why locations in Los Angeles are different from the Sweetgreen locations in Chicago. He has become someone that is paying very close attention to detail. He did not want to develop the same type of design for restaurants where there were obviously some different vibes in these cities. It has been very important for people to see that Sweetgreen was different than the other restaurants out there, and this contemporary vibe has shown people that.


The open kitchen allows customers to see ingredients that are being used. That is an interesting thing that people do not get the chance to see everywhere they go. In many areas it seems almost foreign to know what is going on in most kitchens or dining establishments. That is why this restaurant hits customers with the unexpected as soon as they walk in. From this moment of entry customers know that they are getting something that is different than what they are used to. That is exactly what Nathaniel Ru is striving for. He wants the customers to have something much different than what they are accustomed to. This is what sets the stage for another type of environment.


There are some customers that are ordering through the app. This is also a contemporary experience that is not available with all app users. That is what makes this restaurant stand out. It is like Nathaniel Ru made plans to capitalize on appealing to millennials.