The announcement of the well-known broadcaster by Norman Pattiz

Norman Lear has been announced by the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Podcast One Norman Parttiz to start a progressive and intimate weekly podcast named All of the Above with Norman Lear. Lera is known as a world war II veteran, producer, writer, director and creator of some legendary sitcoms. He has contributed to the revolution of American television. Lear will be joined by Paul Hipp, his great friend, composer, actor, and sidekick.

Norman Lear takes listeners through an enlightening ride of conversation, and he has programs running from comedy, current events, politics, social issues, music and much more. Some of the old celebrity guests are Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler, America Ferrera and Jerrod Carmichael. He holds conversation topics runs from basketball talents of Louis-Dreyfus’s son and Veep with Julia, religion, race in media and training for a triathlon. The podcast came with new episodes on May every Monday on Norman is committed to offering podcast that can fit all peers despite his age.

Norman Lear who is now about 95 years old has exploited most of his talents. He has been a writer, producer, television host, with over 100 shows. He is also the founder of the liberal advocacy group People for the America Way which has 300,000 members. He received an award from President Clinton, the National Medal of the Arts. Norman also bought an original copy of the Declaration of Independence and toured it in fifty states for ten years.

PodcastOne was founded by Norman Pattiz who is also the Executive Chairman. He has experience of over 40 years in radio syndication. He founded Westwood One. Under his leadership, Westwood One became the largest news provider, sports, entertainment, talk and traffic programming in America’s broadcast industry. Norman Pattiz founded courtside Entertainment group in 2010. The main agenda of this program was to produce and redistribute quality programming. He launched PodcastOne in 2012 after seeing unexploited opportunity in the audio-on-demand industry. Learn more:

Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America in 2000. He was reappointed to the same position by President Bush in 2002. He was in charge of conceiving and launching Arabic language radio and television services for America reaching 22 countries in the Middle East. He also launched Farsi Language Broadcasting to Iran covering an audience of about 40 million per week. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. Learn more: