Doe Deere Has Achieved Incredible Success With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the incredibly online makeup retailer Lime Crime. Doe was originally from Russia where she discovered her love for color and her knack for being an entrepreneur. She moved to the United States when she was a teenager and began to immerse herself in the local punk music scene. She was able to express her sense of fashion and style working in the music industry. She always had trouble finding makeup that was bright and bold to help her express her own unique sense of style. She realized that she could make her own and even began to sell it after her Youtube makeup tutorial made her an internet star. She opened an Ebay store and needed a name. She chose the name of her favorite color and a rhyming word. Lime Crime was born and hasn’t slowed down since.

Doe Deere has a colorful appearance to match her colorful products. Lime Crime is known for creating lip and eye colors in every shade of the rainbow. Lime Crime has developed a huge fan following and has become a household name. Most recently, the company released a line of hair dye called Unicorn Hair. Fans of the brand have been waiting for hair dye for many years and were thrilled to hear that the company finally granted their wish.

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Doe Deere is still involved with every aspect of product development and advertisement. She can be found in the lab helping to create products, and even testing them on herself. When she is not in the lab, she is working with the executive staff to create fun and effective marketing strategies that will reach her target audience. Doe also mentors young female entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams. She believes in helping others to find the success and gratification she has been able to create for herself over the years. Her advice to young aspiring business women is to follow your passion and achieve your dreams through dedication and hard work. She said that she never feels like she is really working because she loves what she does and looks forward to creating new makeup for the masses every day.