Jeremy Goldstein – Highly Experienced and Successful Attorney in New York

One of the biggest problems that people face when they are dealing with any legal case is which lawyer to hire. There are many lawyers out there, but some are amateur and inexperienced, while others are too expensive. It is essential always to hire a lawyer who has experience in handling the similar case like yours so that they can find a solution and get you the outcome you desire. For people who have had experience with legal matters, it is easy to find the right lawyer. However, for individuals who are dealing with legal affairs for the first time, finding the right lawyer is never easy, especially because there are just so many choices.



It is to solve this problem of the majority of the clients, the arm of the New York State Bar Association, namely Lawyer Information and Referral Service, launched an online service portal that would help the clients find the right lawyer with ease. All the clients need to do is to log on to the online site and provide the details of their case and where it is registered. The experienced legal professionals at the New York State Bar Association would go through the case details and suggest you a lawyer in good standing near you and your community. It is a no obligation service, which means the clients don’t have to hire the lawyer suggested by the service, but it is always good to go with the verified Lawyer in good standing.



One of the attorneys who is most sought after in the New York State is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is considered one of the most experienced and seasoned lawyers in the New York State and has years of experience backing him. Jeremy Goldstein is also the founder as well as the partner at the highly successful law firm, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. Jeremy Goldstein has worked with leading law firms such as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. It has helped him gain the knowledge and exposure needed to handle a variety of cases, professionally and aggressively.


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ECU Reports Much Optimism In Their Efforts

The End Citizens United website has recently posted several articles regarding excellent progress being made in their efforts to reform campaign finance encroachments. The ECU is committed to engaging Democrats in changing how money is given to candidates to run their campaigns and more transparency becoming available for US voters.


President and executive director of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, delves into the Russia influence that has recently come under investigation in her post on the ECU website. It’s been reported that Russia may have influenced the outcome of the 2016 presidential election by putting digital ads “out there.” It is still uncertain exactly how that came about or who was backing this unfair and outrageous tactic but, as Tiffany puts it “…loopholes the size of the Kremlin exist..” making it possible for this to happen. Our citizens are starting to realize that there should be much more transparency and that if we are to continue to operate as a true democracy “Congress must do better.”


In addition, the 2018 House election cycle is now on the horizon. The ECU has named seventeen candidates that will receive money from ECU supporters through its PAC. It’s projected that $35 million will be raised which is $10 million above what was raised for candidates in the 2016 race. The first quarter already reports $4 million that has been raised through donations from 100,000 donors. End Citizens United looks at candidates who have decided to run and then makes sure that they only support those whose philosophies on this much-needed reform run parallel to what ECU is trying to achieve. Volunteers who were recruited in Montana exposed Greg Gianforte’s unlawful acceptance of money which went against state and federal campaign finance laws. These revelations can hurt a candidate’s chances of election and the ECU also focusses on this aspect of electing representatives in a democracy such as the US. More and more people are becoming aware of how much this hurts the country and the ECU is determined to educate the people on who they are voting for.


ECU screens candidates partly through a questionnaire they’re required to fill out. This eleven question form gathers information about whether the candidate agrees with or opposes the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in addition to their views on policy such as the KOCH Act. This act demands “dark money organizations” to disclose the names of major contributors at the end of televised political ads. The seventeen house endorsements are Nannette Barragan, Salud Carbajal, Scott Peters, Norma Torres, Elizabeth Esty, Charlie Crist, Stephanie Murphy, John Yarmuth, Anthony Brown, Jim McGovern, Ann McLane Kuster, Carol Shea-Porter, Josh Gottheimer, Louise Slaughter, Tom Suozzi, Paul Tonko and David Cicilline.