The Remarkable Accomplishments of Businessman Jim Tananbaum at Foresite Capital Management

Jim Tananbaum is an established entrepreneur and the creator of a leading investment firm dubbed Foresite Capital Management. In 2011, he founded Foresite Capital Management with the aim of identifying and molding healthcare leaders. Jim’s company is also involved in networking while supplying capital and information. Foresite Capital Management invests in businesses within specific sectors, such as genomics, biotechnology, medical services, healthcare services, and diagnostics. Check out LinkedIn Foresite Capital.

A recap of Jim’s interview with Ideamensch

Ideamensch recently interviewed Jim, and he revealed that he spends most of his days discussing the business’ portfolio, networking with other healthcare leaders, and developing the company’s presentations. Jim is a family man, and he ensures that he spends most of his time with his family. He believes that ideas are brought to life when capital to finance them is present. However, hard work and persistence also bring ideas to life. Jim is also fascinated by the science behind health care innovation. He enjoys reading Causal Inferences in Statistics by Pearl, Glymour, and Jewell.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim is a graduate of top academic centers of excellence like Yale University, Harvard, and the MIT. He is a scholar with an MBA and a medical degree. Jim is an expert in startups development, venture capital, and biotechnology. Before launching Foresite Capital Management, he worked for Prospect Venture Partners as the company’s managing director. During his tenure at this firm, he helped the business raise about $1 billion in venture capital. Jim also worked for Theravance LLC for three years as its senior executive head. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

In the early 90’s, he used to work for Gel Tex, a company he helped establish and served as its board member. Under Jim’s management, the company was able to develop a broad range of non-systemic drugs and to increase its revenue by $200 million. Gel Tex pioneered in the development of Renagel, which has since generated more than $1 billion in income. He is also the executive who recruited his partner George Whiteside to help him run the activities in this company. Other individuals who have benefited from his mentorship include Roy Vagelos, Bob Gunderson, and Rick Levin. Jim is a volunteer at the esteemed Yale University Advisory Board. He also serves as one of the chief advisors at the Harvard-MIT HST Program. Check out his LinkedIn  and Facebook page to learn more.

DeVos Offers a New Vision of Education at Summit

DeVos was in Salt Lake City on May 9th for the annual ASU+GSV Technology Summit. She spent the day visiting the Granite Technical Institute, part of the Utah’s innovative “Pathways Program,” which is meant to prepare students to enter the workplace with the technical skills necessary for today’s economy. Afterwards, DeVos told an audience of industry and government officials that we are only beginning to see the role technology can play in education. The Secretary said that American was trying to use a 19th Century “Prussian” model to compete in a 21st Century global economy. “I doubt you would design a system that’s focused on inputs rather than outputs; that prioritizes seat-time over mastery; that moves kids through an assembly line without stopping to ask whether they’re actually ready for the next step or that’s more interested in preserving the status quo rather than embracing necessary change.” DeVos said the Federal Government should not hamstring the states in their efforts to find new solutions to the challenges of education in the 21st Century. Read more about their foundation at

Later in the day, while answering questions from the Jeanne Allen, the CEO of the Center For Education Reform, Secretary Betsy DeVos reaffirmed her support for school choice as the path to innovation. Student outcomes shouldn’t be based on their zip code argued DeVos. “All children should have an equal opportunity for a great education and we are committed to empowering parents to be able to make more of those decisions on behalf of their children,” The Secretary likened the choice parents make about their children education to other choices we make as consumers. “If you can’t get cell phone service in your living room, then your particular provider is failing you. You should have the option to find a network that does work.”

Also during her keynote speech at the ASU+GSV Summit, Secretary DeVos set her sights beyond K-12, discussing the future of higher education. The Secretary raised the possibility of scrapping the Higher Education Act, suggesting it was time for a fresh start to tertiary education. “Why would we reauthorize an act that’s 50–60 years old and that has continued to be amended,” DeVos asked? “Why wouldn’t we start afresh and talk about what we need in this century and beyond for educating and helping our young people — and adults — learn? The world has changed. We have many adults who are well into careers who want to go back and get a different kind of education. We should be considering the needs of individuals and students, not a system so much.” Chief among changes discussed was a new approach to accreditation, concentrating more on certifying students as competent in certain skill sets as opposed to certifying institutions. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Medical Excellence at the Copa Star Hospital

The hospital experience is one of the many things that should constantly be undergoing changes and development in terms of staff, attitude, and establishment. Healthcare is one of the most important parts of a person’s wellbeing, and it should always be enhanced further and further.

Revolution in terms of the hospital experience has started in Brazil with the establishment of a hospital called Copa Star. Copa Star is located on Figueiredo Magalhães Street in the city of Copacabana. It is a very particular hospital due to several reasons – the interior, the service, and the environmentally conscious approach of the establishment. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The hospital of Copa Star was built in a way that will conserve the use of energy through the building in terms of heating using the cold months and air condition during the hot months. The hospital believes that it should deliver care not only to the patients but the environment and thus to the people outside of the hospital.

The interior of Hospital Copa Star has been designed to look like a five-star hotel. The corridors look nothing like the halls of a conventional hospital; there is not a trace of the usual hospital smell either. The waiting area is comfortable and relaxing sporting plush furniture such as comfortable couches and armchairs. It is completed with coffee table, and art is lining the walls of most corridors at the Copa Star Hospital.

There is also a gallery at the hospital. The medical institution is a collector of Yutaka paintings, and so far it has amassed more than two hundred paintings by the famous Japanese artist. The gallery is open to all patients and visitors. In fact, the medical staff prompts patients to spend some time at the gallery and enjoy the art as spiritual healing is a must in order to achieve faster physical recovery. Visit the site to know more.

One of the smartest additions to the hospital of Copa Star is the transit ward of the hospital. The transit ward is a network of corridors in the building that is used only by the staff members. When patients need to be transported, officials use the special transit system. That way they do not disturb visitors and are also able to carry the patient a lot quicker.

Copa Star has created a revolution among hospitals. The establishment was built in order to prompt another hospital in Brazil and all around the world to strive more and to go after higher achievements. Health care is crucial, and it needs to e developed continuously. The Copa Star Hospital has shown its dedication through its design, excellent medical staff, and the cutting edge technology that the hospital supplies itself with regularly to provide the best service possible.

Development of Trucept with Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is well-known and prosperous finance executive. He is also a leader at Trucept. Brian Bonar went to Stafford University at attained master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and also went James Watt Technical and attained a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. He also made a lot of accomplishment and also led a lot of organization obtain their objectives and become successful.

He was at a tender age when he became interested in business and also his parents exposed him to the business industry therefore making him more experience also have a lot of expertise, these enabled him to contribute massively to other businesses.

Due to the expertise he has on finance has enabled Brian Bonar to take businesses to top level. Furthermore he also is a skilled administrator who is good in managing businesses hence making him be one of the best entrepreneurs. He also managed numerous organization and made them successful including Smart-Tek Automated Services and Dalrada Financial Corporation. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He also served in numerous organizations such as IBM as the procurement manager and also worked at QMS whereby he controlled the engineering and over 100 people. He as well served at Adaptec whereby he proficiently controlled sales which made him improve his experience and expertise also made the organization develop.

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar also ensured they provide better services to their clients so they improve their relationship and also make them come back for more of their services. His effort made him be recognized and also was awarded Who’s Who in America Award in the year 2000. Separately from doing businesses he also likes sports and traveling to explore all over the world.

Trucept is an organization that mainly deals with helping the minor organization in advancement by completing their daily task. Mostly they support the company in supervising staffs interest, employee payroll and human resources control.

While carrying their duty of helping minor companies they ensure they also follow these companies’ aims.

The company ensures they also introduce an extensive strategy that helps these companies to grow too hence enabling him also to create business solutions. Trucept clients are satisfied with the services which they are given and Brian Bonar also ensures that he always keen on the market industry in order to be ahead of his competitors therefore enabling him to provide efficient services to the world.

Betsy DeVos, The Champion of Educational Reform

If you have school aged children, went to public school, like I did, or are a public school teacher, like many of my friends, you might be aware of how frustrating and disappointing the American public school system can be. In certain areas, public schools have the money and resources to cater to the children they serve. But in many places, they are failing. Schools are falling apart, books are outdated, and teachers don’t have the resources available to reach every student. For many children across our nation, this is the relativity of school life.

For Betsy DeVos, this reality became haunting when her own children reached school age. She says that she was lucky because she could afford to send their children to a good school regardless of the tuition cost, but she quickly realized, looking at the parents around her, that this was not true for many. “Well, that touched home,” DeVos said in an interview in Philanthropy Magazine, “Dick and I became increasingly committed to helping other parents—parents from low-income families in particular.” DeVos felt that all parents should have the ability to send their children to the right school, and she’s worked hard throughout the last three decades to bring that belief to life. Read more about their foundation at

DeVos started the highly successful Great Lakes Education Project, which has challenged outdated educational practices by promoting the expansion of charter schools all across Michigan, her home state and my own. She was a key player in forming the American Federation for Children, an organization which has helped 430,000 students across 25 states and the District of Columbia to find their school of choice. She also personally worked for 15 years in Grand Rapids schools helping at-risk students; an experience which she says “changed my life and my perspective about education forever.”

This year Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the 11th U.S. secretary of education. She intends to use her position in government to return the control of education to the local level, so that parents have more power and say over their children’s education. DeVos believes that success, for her, means “[that] all parents, regardless of their zip code, have had the opportunity to choose the best educational setting for their children. And that all students have had the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential.” She doesn’t intend to stop working until she achieves that goal.

As a Michigan resident, I’ve seen firsthand how DeVos’ efforts have changed the educational landscape for the better. I’ve had friends who have benefited from charter schools that offered the education they needed to achieve their goals. Given her current position, I’m excited to see what new reforms she’ll bring in the coming years. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days with the WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

The WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner was recently put to an open test with awesome results. Posting the results of her experiment online, Emily McClure spent a week using the product exclusively and documented her results on a daily basis. Let us go through the highlights of her weeklong experiment to get some practical insights.

The first thing she noticed what that she had less hair falling off in the shower when using WEN hair by Chaz. The hair feels fuller and more energetic with added bounce and shine. It is recommended to use the product on a daily basis. Through day three and four, the hair continued to maintain a shiny look with enhanced volume.

By day five, she discovered that even styling the hair becomes easier after using the conditioner. If you decide to curl, the waves come faster especially with the type of thin hair that she has. By day six, the shine was noticeable even to colleagues. The conditioner also makes your curling and styling experience quicker with great results. The verdict? WEN by Chaz is an excellent option for those with fine hair and a habit of cleaning and styling their hair each morning.

It adds a little extra shine that is bound to get you noticed quickly. The application is straightforward, and it just takes a small slice of your shower time. WEN by Chaz is an amazing hair care product that is designed to make your styling a one-step process. One cleansing conditioner includes five elements; a styling treatment component, deep conditioner, shampoo, leave-in conditioner and hair detangler.

These are presented in formulations that are excellent for any hair type. WEN by Chaz is famous for innovative adverts on QVC promising luscious hair with added shine, bounce and moisture. WEN by Chaz is guaranteed to make your hair easier to manage, softer and silkier. More product information can be found on

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Innovacare. What Are the Driving Force Behind Its Success?

Behind every successful organization is a dedicated team of professionals driving its growth and stability. InnovaCare Health is no different. As a reputable leader in the health industry, InnovaCare is a company run on a number of core values under the leadership of Rick Shinto. Ideally, success does not come easily, nonetheless it should not be won by a tug of war, at least this is what Rick believes in.

As leader and an authority figure in the health industry, Rick Shinto uses both his medical experience from the many years he has been in active service and his innate leadership skills to run the company. Since his appointment as the President of the company, Shinto has been associated with positive energy in the company. His strong believe in teamwork has helped peg the company success together as the InnovaCare staff have been able to pull their resources together for the greater good of the company.

Another quality Mr. Rick has been able to cultivate within the company is professionalism. As a health care provider, Rick has been able to hire the best and most qualified professionals in order to help redefine the health care management in today’s world. Good communication and healthy working relationships have also been key ingredients in the InnovaCare Health success build up and not forgetting transparency.

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About Rick Shinto

For many, Rick Shinto is a source of great inspiration both as a leader and as a medical health care provider. Despite the huge success, Shinto like every other person started his journey at the bottom. His journey dates back as a pulmonologist in Southern California where his medical career started and continues until his present President position at InnovaCare Health.

Education wise Shinto acquired his B.S. at the University of California, a degree in medicine from the University of New York and finally an M.B.A at the University of Redlands.

When celebrating Rick Shinto and the leadership he has achieved at InnovaCare it would not be fair if we left out the many awards. Prior to joining the InnovaCare family, Dr. Shinto was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. The award always acknowledges an individual’s efforts and commitment to success through financial performance drive to help the community and innovative ideas.

Even as InnovaCare Health continues on its path to excellence, we are assured thanks to leadership of Dr. Shinto that the company will move along this path many years to come. Read more about Innovacare at

Mikhail Blagosklonny: TOR Research to Improve Cancer Prevention and Treatment

In 2009 Mikhail Blagosklonny, who hails from Russia, became part of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of oncology with a focus on TOR research to develop a solution to solve the puzzle of cancer.

Research into TOR, which stands for ‘Target of Rapamycin’ and is sometimes called the ‘Engine-of-aging Enzyme,’ is being studied by many others as well. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

In basic terms; the idea is that a lot of serious illnesses including cancer occur with much greater frequency in people as they get older. Therefore, if an anti-aging solution can be found, or at least partially realized, then the incidences of cancer and other diseases could be dramatically reduced.

There is also the fact that another facet of the overall goal of this approach is that the preventive and treatment procedures will be less painful, time consuming and less expensive.

Mikhail Blagosklonny, who once worked as a senior scientist for the Ordway Research Institute, is not some radical maverick spouting useless rhetoric. His has a highly trained and organized mind and is very devoted to scientific method as shown in this article here on the U.S Government Website:

Being rather prolific despite his busy schedule; Mikhail Blagosklonny is also the author of over 300 articles in various publications. He is a sought after editor currently serving as the Associate Editor of Cancer Biology and Therapy, International Journal for Cancer, and the American Journal of Pathology. He is the Founder, Editor and Editor in Chief of Cell Cycle and also an associate editor of the prestigious Journal of Cancer Biology & Therapy.

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Doe Deere Has Achieved Incredible Success With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the incredibly online makeup retailer Lime Crime. Doe was originally from Russia where she discovered her love for color and her knack for being an entrepreneur. She moved to the United States when she was a teenager and began to immerse herself in the local punk music scene. She was able to express her sense of fashion and style working in the music industry. She always had trouble finding makeup that was bright and bold to help her express her own unique sense of style. She realized that she could make her own and even began to sell it after her Youtube makeup tutorial made her an internet star. She opened an Ebay store and needed a name. She chose the name of her favorite color and a rhyming word. Lime Crime was born and hasn’t slowed down since.

Doe Deere has a colorful appearance to match her colorful products. Lime Crime is known for creating lip and eye colors in every shade of the rainbow. Lime Crime has developed a huge fan following and has become a household name. Most recently, the company released a line of hair dye called Unicorn Hair. Fans of the brand have been waiting for hair dye for many years and were thrilled to hear that the company finally granted their wish.

Read more at about Doe Deere.

Doe Deere is still involved with every aspect of product development and advertisement. She can be found in the lab helping to create products, and even testing them on herself. When she is not in the lab, she is working with the executive staff to create fun and effective marketing strategies that will reach her target audience. Doe also mentors young female entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams. She believes in helping others to find the success and gratification she has been able to create for herself over the years. Her advice to young aspiring business women is to follow your passion and achieve your dreams through dedication and hard work. She said that she never feels like she is really working because she loves what she does and looks forward to creating new makeup for the masses every day.

Roberto Santiago Success in Business

Manaira Shopping is considered to be the largest shopping malls in Joao Pessoa. The mall is owned by one of the most successful businessmen in the country, Roberto Santiago. The Brazilian businessman is also the leader of the shopping mall, and he has done a lot to form a strong bond with the customers. The Manaira Shopping Mall is focused on providing consumers with comfortable and fun leisure activities.

Fun and entertainment are the primary trademarks in Manaira Shopping. The facility is believed to have been designed by Roberto Santiago. The facilities provided by the company are proven to satisfy families who are looking for comfort, tranquility, and fun when they are visiting the city. The facility reserves a space at the shopping mall for ballroom, movie theaters, bowling alleys, and electronic amusement parks.

The cinema found in the shopping store is one of the primary highlights of the space. There is a total of eleven well-decorated rooms, and they are equipped with the latest equipment using the modern technology to give clients the best experience. There are VIP rooms, 3D rooms and stadium system concepts to ensure that everyone leaves the cinema satisfied. Individuals visiting the facility will also have an opportunity to visit the bar which has a gourmet popcorn, candy and drinks to suit all people.

Roberto Santiago is a respected Brazilian businessman who has done very well in his career. The owner of the Manaira Shopping Mall is currently based in Joao Pessoa, and he has several investments in the country. His shopping mall is considered to be one of the best in Brazil, and it attracts clients from different parts if the world.

Roberto Santiago ventured into this successful career by working at an institution known as Café Santa Rosa. After several years, he decided to invest in the carnage company. This organization would focus on a unique technique that would manufacture vast utilitarian equipment and decorative items. The businessman has done very well in the competitive business world, and he has become one of the most respected individuals. The shrewd businessman loves sports. He has managed to win several sports championships in the past.

Learn more about Roberto Santiago at Wikipedia.

Santiago Roberto was born in Joao Pessoa, Santiago fifty-eight years ago. His parents educated him at some of the best schools in the country. Roberto went at the prestigious Pio X-Marist College. Later on, the businessman went for his Business Administration studies at an institution known as University Center of Joao Pessoa. His educational background has played a primary role in his success in business. The entrepreneur has also gained a lot of expertise and knowledge in the industry, and this ensures that he does not make costly mistakes that can bring him huge losses.

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