A wise choice with Blair’s Wealth Solutions

There are undoubtedly several investment firms to choose from in Austin, Texas when it comes time to thinking about your financial future. With 24 years of experience,Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions would implore you to take an in depth look at his company.

Mr. Blair has a real passion for all things finance. He attributes his desire to share this knowledge to his mother and grandmother, who were both teachers.

When meeting a client for the first time, Wealth Solutions has a 3 step process that helps them get a complete picture of that individual’s current financial situation as well as their long term goals.

The initial step in this personalized plan will be to assess the client’s openness and overall comfort level in regards to risk. Next,a system is designed so that the client has access to the appropriate amount of funds, while the rest of their assets are actively working for them in the market.The goal is to have a diverse portfolio tailored to that specific client.Wealth Solutions is up on all the latest market options, and will incorporate both classic and nontraditional investments into that person’s or companies specific program. The final point is to discover if the client has proper life insurance and annuities.

Wealth Solutions is a small, private company who have chosen to keep their focus on serving families,individuals and small businesses. This has allowed Richard Blair and his employees to have close relationships with those who have elected to trust them with their hard earned money. The firm has certifications in annuities, and funds, as one might expect;they are also qualified to discuss taxes and retirement plans. Richard Blair has taken a particular interest in retirement planning, and finds great satisfaction in helping people reach their retirement goals faster than they would have previously imagined.

Richard Blair offers impartial opinions to those that come to him for advice. He has found that the majority or people he serves are looking to protect their current nest egg,while generating a profit. This is not an easy feat,but it is something Wealth Solutions has been able to do for their clients time and time again.



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