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In Placer County in October of this past year, a heavy rainstorm, which was clearly out of the ordinary for that time of year. Coupled with the upgraded water system that was installed resulted in the contamination of that system. Luckily the contamination was limited to only this water system so no public impact happened. It was discovered after some routine water testing after the storm that the presence of E. coli and coliform was confirmed, which immediately set off the emergency protocol of informing Placer County Environmental Health as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Leading water safety experts were brought in to eliminate the danger of the bacteria found. They have taken this matter very seriously and will not cease until the issue is fully resolved.


Squaw Valley has issued an extended statement to the news outlets in response to the initial reporting. They have stated that they are still working diligently to correct the problem and have made great strides in doing so. While there is no E. coli present there were low levels of coliform present as stated by Wesley Nicks who is the director of the Placer County Environmental Health. They will continue to treat and work on the water safety issue until there is no coliform present as well.


Skiers are allowed to ski as normal from top to bottom at the high profile resort, though they have been prohibited to drink any of the water until the issue has been resolved. The famed resort is providing all of the guests with bottled water as well for safe drinking during their stay. The High Camp and Gold Coast continue to have full access to the facilities and are mindful of their customers safety during their stay. Local restaurants in the upper mountain will remain closed until the water has been cleared of any type of bacteria. Once this is resolved they plan to open back to full operating capacity.


There have not been any type of health issue to reported with this event, as safety has been of the utmost importance. The issue was handled swiftly and continues to be handled well.

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  1. It is very important that they come out to assure the residents of Squaw Valley of the quality of their water because of the importance that comes with it. Using best writing service to gather some materials that might contribute to the effectiveness of the process. Though they have come out to give a statement certifying that the water quality is ok, there is still the need for further testing to be carried out.

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