Arthur Becker is a Real Estate and Biotech Maestro

Arthur Becker is the managing member of the prominent Madison Partners, a real estate and Biotechnology investment firm. He studied at Bennington College and graduated with an Arts degree in 1972. The following year, he joined the Dartmouth-based Tuck School of Business where he studied business. See,

Interview with Ideamensch

Ideamensch recently interviewed Arthur Becker. In the interview, he revealed that his interest in technology and real estate grew from his experience at NaviSite and Zinio. To pursue his interests, Arthur said that he sold NaviSite and invested in a condominium development.

Becker operates without any pre-set schedules, making his day flexible. He further revealed that he is most effective when working with people he respects and when coordinating experts to work on the development of a particular project. Arthur is mostly excited by new trends in biotechnology, especially the different approaches to the treatment of cancer. About the secret behind his entrepreneurial success, he said that trick is to create a good understanding within his management team.

Arthur said in a separate LA Times interview that his worst-ever job was mowing grass by the roadside, a job from which he used to make only $1.60 an hour. He revealed that he owned a construction company when he was in the second year of his graduate school, but neglected it to focus on completing school. If given a chance to start his life afresh, he said that he would focus on his business more than the graduate school.

Asked to mention one strategy that has made him succeed in business, Arthur said that he always start by identifying and then enjoining the most talented people to his vision. According to him, talent is the key to success.

Work Experience

Between 2002 and 2010, Arthur worked as the CEO of NaviSite. He currently serves as the chairperson of Madison Technology Group and a managing member at Atlantic Investors, LLC. Prior to Joining Madison Partners, he was the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC.

Under his leadership, Madison Partners are about to complete several Town Houses along Sullivan Street in New York, reveals They are also in the initial stages of building a luxury residential condominium development in Tribeca.


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