Fabletics Finds Success By Embracing The Online Marketplace

Any person with a social media account or a TV will recently have come across the Fabletics brand and its impressive marketing that often includes business partner Kate Hudson. In just three short years, the impressive Fabletics brand has made its way to the top of the activewear industry with an estimated value of more than $250 million; one of the most impressive aspects of the rise of Fabletics has been the use of various sales techniques that are often cited as problems for the Online retail industry.


Fabletics has itself been looking for ways to push itself forward as a part of the group of brands seen as providing a lifestyle that needs to be aspired towards, which also includes brands such as Apple who have created huge numbers of loyal customers dedicated to their brand. Obviously, the role of Kate Hudson has become integral to the performance of Fabletics through her appearances in marketing campaigns, but the company itself has followed marketplace trends that include providing customers with a high quality experience and making sure their exclusive designs are enjoyed by all.


Many traditional retailers have questioned the role of ‘showrooming’ as an effective sales technique for Online sellers who often offer individuals a lower cost for items they see and try on in traditional brick and mortar stores. Fabletics has been using a ‘reverse showrooming’ technique that sees the company who were once solely an Online membership only retailer open the doors of a number of traditional stores that have become a major part of the sales of the company. Executives at Fabletics have revealed the company made the decision not to use pop up stores as these were not seen as providing a chance to continue with the relationship building options the company has become known for.


Instead, Fabletics decided to open a number of brick and mortar locations that buck the trend of recent physical locations closing under the weight of the competition provided by Online retailers; the brand has proven such a success that the current six locations see an average of between 30 and 50 percent of those entering already being members of the Online version of the company.


Reviews have always played an important role in the growth of Fabletics as the word of mouth buzz about the brand created by reviews and blog posts have joined the social media posts of Kate Hudson as a major aspect of the positive impression the brand has created. An area of every review that is always enjoyed by reviewers is the fact the clothing options provided are offered at a low cost for the quality of the garments being sold; prices range in 2017 from $25 to $59 for two and three piece outfits.


Making sure Fabletics customers have an easy to navigate Website experience has been high on the list of the brand managers who have achieved this in the view of many reviewers who have already praised the company for its ease of use and high quality products.

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