Securus Technologies – Announces the arrival of Investigator Pro 4.0

The announcement of Investigator Pro 4.0 has been released by Securus’ JLG Technologies that allows investigators to locate sample voices within the correctional facilities affiliated with inmates and outside parties. Securus Technologies is known for its communications services with the correctional facilities and their inmates. Their services allow the communication between loved ones and family members with multiple option plans to choose from.  They hope to reduce gang related activities and gain a lead in potentially dangerous plans. With the Investigator Pro software, the investigators have first hand at tackling sample voices that match other conversations outside of the facility as well as internally. They also have the ability to find out if inmates are corresponding with previous released inmates and find out what they’re saying to said parties. The intellectual software will really help aid in the research and investigations of different crimes that are trying to be carried out.


Securus Technologies takes great pride in their line of business and work hard to continue to provide the top of the line technology and advancements to correctional facilities all over the world. Their facility is located in Dallas, Texas where they take pride and responsibility for serving over 3400 public safety officials and correctional facility employees. They are responsible for providing communications services to over one million inmates throughout the country. They have different plans that are suitable to meet the needs of each individual so that they can easily be reached by their loved ones and family members. They have been in the industry for many years and will continue to provide exceptional services for many years to come.


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  1. The software is the first time ever that investigators can use sound technology to access voice samples and match them with other conversations. It will help aid in their investigations and will help to reduce crime. It is intricately important that these paper writing services adhere strictly to whatever it is that is truncated for much to be ran.

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