Dick and Betsy DeVos Give Back-Changing The Lives of Children

Betsy DeVos is a well-known activist and graduate from Calvin College. Even in her university days, she was involved in politics while on campus. Politics and charitable work have been a passion of hers ever since. It has been more than three decades since she graduated, and she has had an active life all along. She was the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, lead many campaigns, and even run political action committees. She is not the only person with a political background. Her husband, Dick DeVos, was nominated for the Governor of Michigan by the Republican party.

The DeVos family often combines forces to look for ways to solve social problems innovatively. Currently, Betsy is the chairman of the Windquest Group. This company is all about clean energy. The firm was founded by Betsy and her husband back in 1989. DeVos’s husband was also the president of Amway and the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. Though they have had many roles in life, the ones that they hold dearest to their heart is their nonprofit affiliations. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is one they value.  Additionally, she is on the board for the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, which is located at the Kennedy Center. Perhaps, her most known role is being a leading advocate for Alliance for School Choice as well as the American Federation for Children.

Giving students a choice in where they attend school is a powerful movement she advocates. These programs are now in 17 states as well as the nation’s capital. Educational choice is a powerful option for those who live in impoverished neighborhoods or have poor school systems. It allows parents to choose a private school in these areas as opposed to the public school system. To date, more than 250,000 students utilize this program. Indiana alone has more than 10,000 children on the program.

The program was considered radical at first, but both Betsy and Dick were a part of it from the beginning. Her life changing experience happened in Grand Rapids at the Potter’s House Christian School. The school has been in the community for more than 30 years. While checking the school out for the possibility of their children, they found that many people in these schools were low-income. These parents would do anything to keep their kids out of the public schools in their areas. The atmosphere was safe and they were learning. In a neighborhood where crime and violence are commonplace, having an option like that is miraculous to some. That is why the DeVos family is so passionate about children and their choices. They had the funding to put their children in the finest schools, but they know that not everyone has those options.